About Us

Hi there! We are a group of authors from Tech. We use this blog to document discoveries and how-tos throughout our professional life. This content will be progressing as we are.

Kate entered IT in 2009 after graduating with honor specialist degree in Applied IT in economics. Has diverse working experience: Full-stack Engineer, Mobile Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Engineer. For the last 9 years, she has been enjoying the area of BigData. Currently switched from individual contributor roles to Engineering Management and Technical Product Management. Specializing in building Data Platforms and growing talents in Data Engineering. Learning the art of management.

Val has 10+ years of experience in IT as an individual contributor and 3+ years in management.
As an individual contributor, his specialization was – high-load and distributed systems development. So thousands of requests per second is not a problem for him.
As a manager, he specialized in creating a transparent and stable environment for engineers and businesses. He achieves it by using business processes to organize chaos around him.
Has experience in building teams from scratch and mentoring and optimizing existing ones. Can manage up to 3 teams at once. He is very passionate about open source. Author and maintainer of several tools, drivers, and libraries.